Image of the cover of the River Magazine Issue 7. It is a painting by KM. Is shows the head and shoulders of a horned bull wearing a suit and tie. The bull is decapitated with blood dripping from it's neck wound, but it's facial expression is aware and content. There are golden wheat stalks, a colourful blue halo and graphic symbols around it's head. Above it's head is a purple star. The background is mottled gold, brown and yellow.

The River Issue 7 (pdf)

Issue 7 was launched at The Silver Bean on a sunny day in September of 2022. We and the contributors are very proud of the work in this issue and hope that you enjoy it, too.

The River Issue 6 (pdf)

Issue 6 was released in the Fall of 2021.

image of the cover of the river magazine issue five showing a low angle shot of charlotte street in peterborough pointing toward the market hall tower with the sun going down and glinting off of all the glass in the surrounding buildings

The River Issue 5 (pdf)

Issue 5 was released in late March of 2020, right after the local pandemic stay at home orders. It was distributed slowly over the course of the summer.

image of the cover of issue four, a stylized painting of a fish

The River Issue 4 (pdf)

Issue 4 was released in August 2019.

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image of the river magazine cover, woman's face with tongue sticking out, blue hair and lipstick

The River Issue 3 (pdf)

Issue 4 was released in December of 2018.

This issue is larger again than both previous issues. The River Magazine is clearly being well received by both contributors and audience alike.

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The River Issue 2
image of the river magazine issue two cover(pdf)

Here is issue two of The River Magazine.

There are new writers and artists and some returning creators.

Please consider donating to our GoFundMe campaign to help future issues come to life.

The River Issue 1
image of the river magazine issue one cover(pdf)

Welcome to the first issue of The River Magazine. Inside, you will see a diversity of artwork, photography, poetry, and prose made by people who share the common experience of living on a low income or living in poverty in Peterborough.
The aim of The River Magazine is to publish and celebrate the people in Peterborough who have limited opportunity to express their opinions, ideas and creativity in this format. While there are many people speaking about poverty and marginalization in our community, there are few places where this community gets to speak for itself. This magazine is a step towards giving people a voice, who are denied that voice because they lack the money or power to access more traditional outlets like newspaper, television or the internet. It is the position of the editorial board that creative expression is integral to what it means to be human, that to express ourselves in art and writing is good for the self and benefits the wider community. Access to tools for this expression should not be limited by poverty. Contributors to the magazine were paid. $40 per submission.
As a new magazine our purpose was to hold open the door for folks to be published with very minimal interference or self-promotion of our own agencies or philosophies. A call for submissions went out to the greater community in May 2017 for creative work, photography, prose, poetry and writing of all kinds. The only criteria set for this work was that it was to be no larger than one page and contained no hate speech. Where folks’ work exceeded maximum length, or multiple submissions were made, we made decisions collectively on how to deal with these issues.
We hope as you look inside, you are moved, get inspired, are curious and encouraged to get involved. Ultimately we invite your full attention towards a community that often does not have the privilege of controlling messages about itself.
This issue is dedicated to Carol Winter who passed away in October of 2017. Her piece “Joe Somebody” is published first in honour of her spirit and her work. Carol was well known as a tireless supporter and friend of people living on the margins. Carol would want you to read this magazine by the amazing people who have shared their experiences feeling marginalized and living in poverty.
The Editorial Team
We invite submissions for the next issue via our online submission form, by email to or in person at participating agencies such as Cameron House, CMHA, One Roof Diner, New Canadians Centre, Nogojiwanong Friendship Centre, PARN, Peterborough Social Planning Council, VON 360 Clinic, and the Community Counselling Resource Centre.