“This Moment” (Angie Holroyd)

This Moment

Where does your worry take you?
Is it in the past?
Something that happened 5 minutes ago,
Or perhaps much later then that.
Or is it into the future?
Something you cannot see.
So you think up every scenario,
To wield yourself correctly.
Giving all this time and energy,
To what is not in the now.
Then feeling drained and tired,
As you beg the question how.

Take a moment to breathe with me,
And please do not cop-out.
Breathe in 4 seconds, hold for 2,
And take 4 to breathe back out.
I would ask of you to do this,
A few times when distressed.
It is breathing such as this,
That returns our mind to rest.

Where is it that you are,
In this current time and space?
What are the sights, sounds and smells,
And even what’s the taste?
Have you been here before,
Or is this some place new?
Are you in the great outdoors,
Or occupying a room?
What is underneath your feet,
And what’s above your head?
Did you come here willingly,
Or was it an act you dread?

No matter how close the past may seem,
That moment is dead and gone.
Your actions might not of been desired,
But all you can do is move along.
For to focus on the past,
Keeps you from the present.
And it is in the here and now,
Where we are most authentic.

The future is not set in stone,
But several branches of a tree.
With every thought and action,
It changes with the breeze.
You cannot know what will happen,
Or who, by then, you’ll be.
It’s like trying to watch TV,
With cracks throughout the screen.
The past is just a memory,
The future is just a thought.
So why preoccupy anything else,
When this moment is all that you’ve got!


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